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Bravo’s Roble Ali

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Camera: Nikon D3000
Aperture: f/4
Exposure: 1/30th
Focal Length: 22mm
Exif Data Zoom Twin Cities Somali Soccer Team

Twin Cities Somali Soccer Team

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more of him here

more of him here

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The difference from your blog and all the other "cool blogs" is that people submit their pictures to these blogs that celebrate certain things. You on the other hand are stealing pictures. How is that logic?

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I really dont get why I am getting all these messages just for starting a simple blog that is like not even a week old or more than a page. You guys follow all those cool cute boy blogs that celebrate non somali boys and happily reblog them, but god forbid I create one that is somali than it is so wrong. Double standards maybe ? People can submit their photos if they want. God its really hard creating stuff for somalis. So much judgement, its really hard to do anything positive.

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Model Ayan Elmi saves the day on her bf’s Bravo show Roble and Co. Here is what Roble had to say about the episode and his girlfriend model on Bravo.com Love these two. They make a goodlooking couple.

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Hey gurl, just wanna say it's not cool that you're taking these bro's pictures and posting it here, so girls will like it/ and judge them by their looks etc... it's the same thing that dumbass faraaxs do to girls by stealing their pix, and posting them on youtube and other websites so guys will judge who is the hottest.

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hey gurl, this is not a juvenile blog like those “dumbass faraaxs” or teenage girls run. Its a ledgit classy blog. I started it b/c I dont know if your on tumblr, but it was inspired by tumblr blogs that celebrate minorities. I am doing it really just to celebrate somali boys. There really isnt another blog like this on tumblr. Just think of it as a somali version of all the other cool tumblr blogs which most of you guys follow. Please give me a chance. I will make sure its a positive representation of somali guys. I really want this to be a collab site site too so if anyone wants to collab please msg me.

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